Why, Coffeetables?

We do not need coffeetables. It’s the same lie told to us years ago, that we need to wait one hour after eating before we go swimming because we’d seize up and die like a toy with a dead battery, or that we need to eat three times a day, or that there’s some being […]

New apartment

I wuz torn between three apartments to rent, and finally settled on a gorgeous oceanfront condo in the 50s on Collins in Miami Beach, called “OMG Cheese, I Luv It, LOL.”  A very large pool, tennis courts, and illegal immigrant shooting range. Around the bend from the Fontainebleau Hilton, the 40-story pyramid-shaped “I Can’t, I’m […]

Fastest way around the one dollar bill

In my illustrious motorcycle racing career, equaled or surpassed by only select few hundreds of thousands of individuals in the past hundred years or so, the most shocking, enjoyable but counterintuitive skill is known as countersteering.  On a track with let’s say 14 corners, the faster and fastest way in and out of cornering two […]


the instances of cigarette smoking…well, I re-watched “Miller’s Crossing” with Gabriel Byrne, directed by the Coen Brothers, and it’s such a fun movie, grabbed a cigarette and a glass of ice, poured some blended scotch, and watched along with the wit and violence and business scheming. Yesterday, I watched “Dead Man Down” with another Irisher, […]

Google Voice 1, Privacy 0?

Based on that electronic keyboard then piano music playing in the background of this info vid, I will not get Google Voice. While Google Voice can be cool and helpful, to hell with that. That music behind the female voice meant to suck you in, as if your passing by a window and there’s a […]

On the Fastball, and roast chickens

Interestin’. http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2013/06/how-the-human-body-evolved-to-throw-fastballs/ So, throwing a good fastball is like throwing a spear at, like a chicken, or a COW, so’s you can have some dinner? Why don’t pitchers throw javelins at the batter?  And maybe the batter could be a chicken, and then depending on how many the pitcher kills, the fans could eat the […]